Understanding Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost is considerably old, having been founded as early as 1996 which actually makes it one of the oldest host providers on the market – that is still in operation. In taking a look at bluehost hosting service, it is important to take note that they have survived for so long, blue host web hosting service somehow managing to beat back the competition where lesser companies have fallen with the passing of time.

As any bluehost coupon review will reveal, where bluehost.com succeeded and other companies failed is its determination to provide world class hosting services supported by powerful processor servers, OC-48 backbone internet connection-impressive by any standards – mirrored backups and so much more.

In understanding blue host, one might take into account their particular approach to providing hosting services, offering a fairly uniform service, a ‘one size fits all’ sort of plan that, though seemingly uninspired and clearly flawed, it does make the client’s task of navigating the blue host hosting system much easier (after all fewer decisions to take).

Though it isn’t merely the bluehost coupons & discounts or even the bluehost pricing that best explains the popularity this service has garnered in the past several years. Rather several bluehost features have played a part in cementing blue host’s legacy as a leading hosting provider in the industry, with most ostensible features including the following:

Shared Server – Bluehost.com usually boasts of quad two quad core Intel Xeon shared servers with up to 2Ghz processing speed, 4GB Ram and even three entire volumes of storage each 750GB. With 64bit Linux operating systems in play, most clients are unlikely to complain about slowdowns in speed or traffic overloads, with most sites usually experiencing quick responses during access.

Control Panel – Most host consumers will attest to the popularity of cPanel, mostly because of how easy it is to access and configure, and as such it comes as no surprise that industry standard cPanel is bluehost’s choice of administration tool, the blue host version offering its own page wizard and file manager, all easy to use and enabling the creation of complex web formats with relatively tame effort.

Reliability – It is true that server downtime is sometimes unavoidable and usually inevitable but all the storage space and bandwidth in the world will do you no good if servers are always suffering from one form of failure or another, usually causing chronic downtime. Blue host has an impeccable uptime record, in most cases taking drastic steps to reduce the need for server shutdown even for routine maintenance and upgrades.

Support – Bluehost features are legendary for offering a robust customer support system, making available an online resource of articles providing quick fixes to simple problems, support tickets to bluehost staff with quick and efficient replies and a nearly inhuman accuracy with regards to solutions to troublesome queries. Few consumers will deny the fact that their most pleasant experiences with blue host can be imputed to this efficient system of customer support.

Over all it is rarely a question of why you should use blue host as much as it is a matter of why you are not using blue host yet.

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